How To Dice A Pineapple

Want to find the best technique for cutting your pineapple? Follow this step-by-step guide on how to neatly dice your pineapple from Old El Paso.
step one

Step 1

Take your pineapple and place on a chopping board. Next, you need to carefully cut the top off, removing the leaves and then the bottom to reveal the yellow flesh of the fruit.
step two

Step 2

Stand your pineapple upright, and with your knife, carefully slice down each side to remove the skin. Keep going until you have removed all of the skin.
step three

Step 3

Next, keeping your pineapple upright, you need to cut in half. Then take one of the halves, and cut in half again. Repeat with the other half, so you have 4 quarters.
step four

Step 4

Take one quarter at a time, and carefully slice down the middle to remove the core.
step five

Step 5

Then place flat on your chopping board, and cut into strips – approximately 4.
step six

Step 6

Rotate your pineapple quarter, and start to slice across the strips you have just cut, so as to form little chunks. Repeat until your first quarter is now fully diced.
Repeat with your remaining quarters, until your pineapple is fully diced.